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What Are Groups and Lessons Like?



Get ready to meet new friends who also love violin! Our small classes allow you to get to know your classmates in a friendly and non-judgmental atmosphere.

You will learn the fundamentals of violin playing, how to read music and play by ear, essential ensemble skills, and more!

Private Lessons:

One-on-one training provides a more personalized and in-depth approach. Lessons are typically shorter, but move at the pace of the student.

I am a Suzuki-trained violin instructor teaching out of my Steele Creek home in Charlotte, NC. I adhere to Dr. Suzuki’s belief that anyone can learn to play the violin. As he said that “music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart,” I believe in nurturing the whole student alongside violin instruction. Music study is a way to cultivate a strong work ethic, a sense of self-worth, and creative thinking, as well as beautiful hearts and souls.


Alongside the core teachings of Dr. Suzuki, I emphasize tension-free playing and the development of a secure technical foundation. 



“Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand.”

"I look forward to lessons and feel inspired after I leave. [Ms. Julia] is the most patient, thoughtful, inspiring violin teacher I have ever had."

— Violet, Student (12)

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