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How to Acquire the Right Violin


Violins come in all different sizes; having the right size violin is crucial for the development of violin technique. It’s important to take your child to the violin shop with you so that they can measure your child and ensure the right size. Do not rent or purchase a violin without having it sized to your child!

I understand that people are looking for an affordable way for themselves or their child to explore violin, and therefore I recommend renting rather than purchasing an instrument. My recommended vendor has an affordable rental programs that will include basic maintenance of the instrument and allow you to earn rental credits to apply toward the next size of violin or toward the purchase of an instrument down the road.

DO NOT PURCHASE A VIOLIN FROM THE INTERNET!! It can be tempting to purchase an inexpensive violin from the internet, but these violins are not good quality instruments and will end up costing you much more money in repairs to get them playable. A well-made violin in good repair will help you or your child create a beautiful sound. A badly made violin will go out of tune easily, be impossible to create a good tone on, and create a very frustrating experience for everyone. In order to have the best experience, I ask that you rent or purchase an appropriately sized violin from my trusted local vendor:

Queen City Violins

(704) 277-2438

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